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In Studio Capicúa we are experts in CGI Production, we believe in creative freedom and we think that our role in the advertising industry is not to put limits to the imagination of creatives.

Our understanding of the rules of photography acquired during more than 20 years of experience in photo retouching, has been the spore for our CGI services, all that accumulated experience and knowledge of new 3D tools allow us to expand the possibilities of creation.

If you want to create something that doesn't exist yet, to imagine new worlds, or to create new perspectives on them, our artists combine their artistic experience and creativity with their mastery of the latest visual effects technologies to create sensational CGI still or moving images for any resolution, on any channel and on any device. 

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BARCELO DESEALIA |  Momentum Madrid
SANTA LUCIA  |  Matchpoint

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Our photo retouchers artist are qualified to take on any challenge. Our experience in image postproduction makes it possible.


Video is the most powerful advertising tool of the moment, in Studio Capicúa we create incredible CGI animations.

We are a Madrid based creative production studio. We specialise in 3D/CGI, animation, VFX and post production across all media channels.

C/ Pedro Muguruza, 1 2ºD

28036 Madrid (Spain)

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